Saturday, January 21, 2017 4:25:21 PM UTC

Property Value
Subframes 1
Telescope Meade LX200 Classic 8" F/10 203mm f/10
Imager ZWO ASI120MM
Plate Solve Status
Original image dimensions 0 W 0 H
Solved image center point 0h0m0.00s 0°0'0.00"

My first good RGB filterset image of Jupiter.  It's a little more noisy than I would like, and I need to try some different camera settings, but I think this is one hell of a start!  This is streets ahead of the results I was able to get from other imaging trains, and the combination of a high resolution, high framerate monochrome imager with the RGB filterset is definitely a productive configuration.

The chromatic distortion is mainly due to poor focus on the blue channel captures, but considering I used to be happy just getting any sign on the GRS, this is a great starting point for the new (to me anyway) technique.  I think ideally, for a highly dynamic system like Jupiter, I'd preffer a colour imager and a better eyepiece in the train, but I also suspect that getting better at the general technique and particularly managing focus between channels will yeald better results in the future.