Saturday, August 5, 2017 10:45:15 PM UTC

Property Value
Subframes 10
Exposure Time 60
Telescope Meade LX200 Classic 8" F/10 203mm f/10
Imager ZWO ASI178MM-Cool
Eyepiece Meade F/6.3 Focal Reducer 0.63x
Plate Solve Status
Original image dimensions 0 W 0 H
Solved image center point 0h0m0.00s 0°0'0.00"

This is my first narrowband image, and also the first processed image with the new ASI178MM-Cool camera.  The 'scope has been indoors for a few months, awaiting clear skies, free time and a quick fan repair, so I was very keen to get out under the stars again.  Unfortunately I've not got round to rewiring the dew heater, and the sky was irritatingly hazy with passing cloud and an almost full moon;  however, the rig eventually behaved very well, with excellent guiding.

Having done a quick drift alignment, I chose a target I knew was in easy reach - our old friend M57.  The image is a stack of only 12 1-minute images with teh ASI178 cooled to 0° degrees and to say I'm pleased with the result would be a massive understatement! 

The definition in the nebula is staggering, considering the conditions.  If I'd been able to keep the corrector dew-free, I would think this would have been a jaw-dropping image.  I tried a narrowband SHO image with my DSLR and got lousy results, but I know at least that the nebula is bright in OIII and I would have loved to get OIII and SII to complete the image, but for a first run with a new camera, and on the same night as I set the whole rig up again, I'm really excited to see what I can get in the coming late summer and autumn observing season!