Tuesday, November 29, 2016 2:26:27 PM UTC

Property Value
Subframes 1
Telescope Meade LX200 Classic 8" F/10 203mm f/10
Imager Canon EOS 1100D
Eyepiece Meade F/6.3 Focal Reducer 0.63x
Plate Solve Status
Original image dimensions 0 W 0 H
Solved image center point 0h0m0.00s 0°0'0.00"

Poor old M78.  The "poor relation" of the Orion complex!  Not as exotic as the Horsehead, or as bright as the Great Orion Nebula, M78 often gets overlooked and, haha, I'm no exception.  I thought this would be a reasonable image to test the new mount adjustments out, and while it's not a world-beater of an image (I suspect it would be better without the focal reducer and with more subs) it's pretty reasonable considering the transparency in that part of my local sky is poor as it gets for me.  Anyway, it's at least a "placeholder" which should drive me on to some better efforts on this interesting object.  There's a lot of star formation going on in there, and a better image would have revealed a lot more complexity in the nebula than is visible in this attempt.