Saturday, January 21, 2017 7:08:27 PM UTC

Property Value
Subframes 1
Telescope Meade LX200 Classic 8" F/10 203mm f/10
Imager ZWO ASI120MM
Plate Solve Status
Original image dimensions 0 W 0 H
Solved image center point 0h0m0.00s 0°0'0.00"

Another grab from an all-too-rare all night session last night.  I adore good images of the moon, and Copernicus is a breathtaking feature through any telescope.  Processing this was a bit of a nightmare  - seeing was definitely on the jellified side of good, but transparency wasn't too bad at all.  The ASI120MM is really proving it's value, and the telescope is behaving very well at the moment, meaning that this was really a "how many frames do you think will be enough" kind of capture.

I reverted to using AutoStakkert 2 for this image, because Registax has taken to crashing pretty consistently with anything more than a couple of hundred frames at the native resolution of the imager.  I'm starting to warm to AutoStakkert more than previously - I guess I was intimidated by the very different layout to Registax - and I think this is a good result considering the level of magnification and conditions.