Terms and conditions

Please read this carefully. It governs how users should use the site and sets out our policies on content, sharing and use of the site.

  1. Your identity and your Social Astronomer account
    1. Who you are

      The account that you register and use for the site must reflect who you really are. Your account full name should be your real name and your email address must be valid, must be regularly accessed and checked for messages, and you should not attempt to disguise your true identity or use someone else's details on the site.

    2. Who you're not

      Attempting to access the site using someone else's account is considered a serious matter. YOU are responsible for protecting your account login details. If you suspect that your account has been, or could be, accessed by someone other than yourself, we recommend that you change your password immediately. If you have any further concerns in this regard, contact support for assistance.

    3. Groups, societies and establishments

      If you are part of a group, society, university, college, school, or other organisation comprised of more than one person, EACH USER IN THAT GROUP MUST HAVE THEIR OWN ACCOUNT. You are welcome to set up a discussion group for your organisation. This is to ensure that observations are always recorded by the person actually making the observation. We may introduce group accounts at a later date if we get enough requests and this agreement will be modified, and all users notified, if this happens.

    4. Your details

      We undertake to never sell or pass on your details to third parties except where we are legally compelled. We hate spam just as much as you do.

  2. Your observations, images, posts and other content
    1. What you can and cannot post

      It is VITAL to the smooth functioning of the site and the reputation of the community that you only post content (that includes but is not limited to images, observation data, comments, blog posts and group discussions) for which you have the right to publish. You MAY NOT publish public domain, rights-restricted or copyright content and pass them off as your own work. If the site administrators recieve reports of posts made in breach of this policy, they will be removed. Repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended.

    2. Giving credit where it's due

      There will of course be times when you want to post content for which you do not have rights as the creator but do have rights to publish, such as public images made available from Hubble or other observations. This is permissable provided you make reference to the origin of the content. Again, transgressions will be dealt with by content removal and, where we deem it appropriate, account suspension

    3. You agree that your observation data can be used by other members as the basis for papers, reports and other articles designed to contribute to astronomy and astrophotography within the Social Astronomer site.
  3. Other people's data
    1. Referencing

      You can use observations of all types within blog posts and group discussions provided you reference the originator. See "Giving credit where it's due" above.

    2. Using Social Astronomer content on other sites

      YOU MAY NOT take other people's data, images, posts, comments or any other content on another site without their expressed permission, or the expressed permission of the site administrators. You may NOT link directly to images or other content hosted on the Social Astronomer site. You MAY share pages to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but be aware that some content is only available to site members. Generally, pages which are safe to share have the Facebook SHARE icon on the page.

  4. General use of the site
    1. Tone of content

      The Social Astronomer is designed as a place to escape the pressures and hassle of wider, general-purpose social networking sites such as Facebook so that members can persue their scientific or aesthetic interest in astronomy, astrophotography and other areas of space science. In that light, you are expected to conduct yourself in a reasonable way at all times on the site. Flamewars in particular will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

    2. General conduct

      Posting anything which could be taken as an ad hominim attack on anyone - not just other site users - is unacceptable. It's also a pretty poor way to conduct debate. Attack methods or theories by all means, but in a reasonable and responsible way. Remember that we are all interested in discovering the scientific truths of our universe. Personal attacks have no place on the site and will be dealt with accordingly.

    3. Areas of discussion

      Please remember that the site is here to allow as wide a participation in astronomy and general space science by as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind, we ask users not to discuss contentious subjects such as politics or religion on the site. Long, heated discussions very rarely solve any of the great issues of our time, and take up server space and bandwidth.

    4. Sanctions

      Members about whom we regularly or frequently recieve complaints or we find to be in breach of any of the T&Cs of the site may find their account disabled and their content removed. We will notify the holders of accounts coming under sanction via the email address registered against that account.

  5. Miscellaneous provisions
    1. Advertising

      Should it ever be the case that we introduce advertising to the site, we will NOT allow posting of adverts as if it were ordinary content. Advertisments will be clearly distinguishable from regular content. We will only accept advertisments from relevent companies and organisations. If you're interested in advertising on the site, please contact the site team.

    2. Buying and Selling

      You may buy and sell astronomy related items on the site, provided you recognise and agree that this is a commercial transaction in which we have no involvement whatever. We will NOT get involved with any problems you have buying or selling equipment. The buyer and seller acccept all responsibilies which they normally would.

    3. Bugs and problems

      We're a very small team, and while we'll always do our best to fix problems with the site as soon as possible there may be times when your observations, images and other content are unavailable either temporarily or permanently. Please remember to back up any data you see as important.

    4. Liability

      We accept no liability for loss or other deprivation suffered as a result of using the site. YOU are responsible for your data and content and anything that happens as a result of your posting to the site.